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January 2010                   Climate change - fact or fiction, and one hot day does not make a summer...


February 2010                   A tornado whips through Blue Poles, welcome William Yuichiro & please be a rebel


March 2010                   A near miss from a freak hail storm, an opinion on opinions and vintage nearly over


April 2010                  No compromise at Blue Poles, what makes a wine compelling and the season breaks


May 2010                  Château-Grillet - a tiny but important part of France, and the 2010's wines tasted


June 2010                  The 2008 Reserve Merlot unleashed, wine & literature, and let the pruning begin!


July 2010                  A pruning class, the joy of mulch and soils explained.


August 2010                   Blue Poles is off to France and No Coal Mining in Margaret River!


September 2010                   Blue Poles visits the Right Bank - St Emilion & Pomerol by bike


October 2010                   Blue Poles has lunch with Alain Brumont, a tour of Spain and begins a new vintage


November 2010                   Teroldego explained, a hot start to the season & wine show time again...


December 2010                   A month of hard work, the difficult art of selling wine and where has the rain gone?






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