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2015 Fiano                                                            $25



Very light straw coloured wine with an aromatic nose of pear drops and peach/apricot/loquat and a hint of vanilla.  The palate is pitch perfect with fine fruit flavours balancing on a beautiful line of natural acid giving into a crisp refreshing length.  It’s recommended that you enjoy this wine currently, but it does have the capacity to age gracefully in a cool cellar for 1-3 years.


Food matches for this wine include seafood (fresh squid quickly pan fried in butter or prawns grilled whole), asian styled dishes (glass noodle salads with the chilli toned down), and creamy poultry dishes.


Sealed under screwcap to ensure the wine made by us arrives to you as we intended it to.




Mike Bennie, The Wine Front


“Feels bang on for the variety. Sniff of ginger in the nose, but it’s mostly pears and grassiness that waft out of the bouquet. Ultra refreshing thing to drink. Crisp, crackly texture with clarity of pear-like fruitiness, firm, thirst-crushing tang of acidity, good line of flavour through to the drizzle of mouthwatering stuff that finishes. It’s lean but packed with dry, tangy flavour. It’s from a seaside wine region to be drunk in sunshine by the seaside. Fair call. Good wine here.”


Points:   91

Date:     3 December 2015 


Technical Details


Vintage in 2015 was underpinned by a large loss of tonnage of all grapes throughout the region, thus the tonnage we received of this our first Fiano was much less than expected.  Fiano is a grape that enjoys the heat as it hails from Sicily, amongst the ash and dark soils below Mount Etna.  Grown in the warmer region to the north of Margaret River, it has thrived under the care of Lynne and Phil Foster within their immaculate vineyard near Yallingup.


All the grapes were handpicked in the morning, delivered quickly to the winery for a quick chill prior to being lightly pressed at the winery, thus preserving all the aromatics and richness of the juice.  The vintage data as below:


Picked 24 February 2015


Beaumé 12.7

pH 3.31

TA 7.40 g/L



Clive and Kate at Fraser Gallop Estate pressed the wine off into a small steel tank and let the wine go through ferment without any delay.  A heady aroma of pear drops and peach lifted off the wine as it was fermented through to dry.  No modifications, no additions, just fined and bottled and sent to you.  A delicious wine made with the Margaret River lifestyle in mind thus drink and share with good friends and good food.  Enjoy.








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