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2011 Reserve Merlot                                                                   SOLD OUT                                             



The nose is aromatic, but not of any single aroma, with the oak a bit more forward and coming across as spice (5 spice / aniseed) and smoke, and the palate a bit more than mid-weight this year.  Tannins smooth and resolved, and very Blue Poles; and this assures us of years and years of capacity in the bottle.  The vintage was meant to be a warm one, bringing the wines into the soft and cuddly zone – but with the ever increasing vine age, and our low yields and low irrigation rates it is not really a soft wine at all – it is a strong willed wine that looks back at you.


If drunk with food (which is one of life's greater pleasures), we certainly recommend the classic combination of roast beef with all the trimmings with this wine.  Other combinations that should delight include any game bird (use truffle oil for basting), ox-tail in a reduced stock, and even classic Hungarian goulash.


Sealed under screwcap to ensure the wine made by us arrives to you as we intended it to.




Philip White, INDAILY 4 June 2014

Those who liked the outrageous fru fru floral fragrances of the deadly Blue Poles Reserve 2010 (94+; reviewed here in April) may find this bigger, more muscular sweetheart not quite so alluring at first. It has the same deep reek of prunes and black cherries welling below, but the top notes here are more along the lines of pale coffee-coloured, slightly sweaty flesh. Not stale, off sweat, mind you. I mean the slightly crusty, salty, fresh sort you’ll find on a Tahiti beach. Or Margaret River, for that matter, duh. It’s a Margaret River thing. Specially when the Indian Ocean’s deliverin’ big. [Nail your terroir, Whitey.] And it has a slight white-pepper tingle, too.

When it tumbles over the little waterfall of your front teeth it turns your mouth into a very dark pool of swirling mystery. Blackcurrant pressings and juniper tannins well up across the tongue and just sit there. Like for five minutes. They don’t even look at you.

It’s so far removed from the 2010 you could be fooled into thinking this was made by a different person. Nope. It was made by a different, warmer vintage. And it serves to rule several bold underlines beneath my previous assertion that if you look closely into Blue Poles you’ll see pretty much all the Merlot goalposts in this country, staggering through that crazy swirl of colour. This is very good wine. Cellar.


Rated : 93+++ Points
Tasted : Jun2014
Alcohol : 13.9%
Price : $40
Closure : Screwcap



Technical Details


2011 was a warm vintage and the Merlot vines were under a bit of stress for most of the summer (as was the whole of Margaret River).  The Merlot area with the shallower clay to the east was holding up well, but the section closer to the Cabernet Franc was approaching full ripeness.  I waited as long as I could to resolve the tannins, and then picked off half of the grapes near the Cabernet Franc in one tranche (stopping the pick by 9.45am as temperatures were already creeping up to 30°C), and then a few days later picked off the other half.  Surprisingly the sugar and acid was pretty similar from both batches, and they were made separately so as to be able to follow their evolution. 

When the blends were made in late 2012 it became apparent that both batches had come back to the Blue Poles taste, but with the better aromatics from the first pick, and the better depth of flavor in the second.  After much juggling a total of 5 barrels were selected for the blend, and they comprised of 3 from the early pick and 2 from the latter.


So in summary: Picked on the 18 & 22 March, the fruit came off in excellent condition and went through fermentation and malolactic fermentation like a dream.  With a selection of new and 1-2yo oak the wine was kept in barrel for 18 months before bottling in November 2012.  Only 5 barrels were selected in June 2012 blending trials for this Reserve wine.




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