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2011 Allouran (Merlot / Cabernet Franc)                  SOLD OUT




Why so late for this wine’s release?  Because, this Allouran needed more rest and settling into its own skin than any other wine we have made here at Blue Poles.  But the result speaks for itself and highlights the pedigree of this wine over the years and the faith we had in planting these two iconic grape varieties in Merlot and Cabernet Franc so as to make this one wine.  Perhaps the largest, densest, richest wine from the Allouran line.  It does however keep what makes Blue Poles distinctive and it shows just how well a Merlot blend made with attention and craft can be.



2011 was a warm vintage, with the Merlot vines were under a bit of stress for most of the summer (as was the whole of Margaret River), but the Cabernet Franc in total ease almost uncaring about the season evolving around it.  We picked the Merlot off in two “tranches” on 18 and 22 March with the both lots having the same new oak and old oak regime as each other.  On 31 March the Cabernet Franc was hand-picked, and though it was a smaller crop it was intense – really intense and the resultant ferment made the winery smell like a blackcurrant juice press.  The first year in which I thought a reserve Cabernet Franc was possible, but the reduced tonnage and the blending trials showed I had no choice – I had to make this blend with every drop of that Cabernet Franc and taking into account the exceptionally strong Merlot, it created our biggest most complex version of Allouran to date.


The resulting wine is quite simply excellent.  I can’t say much more – it speaks for itself.  To any doubters of Merlot’s capacity to make great wine outside of the best of Europe, I say have a glass of this.  It has a density and complexity to match many Bordelaise wines and it hasn’t been dumbed down to meet a “caricature” expectation of what a Merlot wine should be.  It would have made the late Jeremy Pringle chuckle, and I always think of him when I drink a glass of this wine.  So no list of aromas and tastes this year, just a simple statement that this wine is very good and it will provide you with more pleasure than you thought possible.


Here’s the summary from Gary Walsh from WineFront – we are not ones to forward wines to many critics as we don’t produce enough to warrant the expense, so the ones we do send to we respect and use their collective knowledge in understanding and developing our wine further.




Gary Walsh,   


"This is a very strong release in both the quality sense, and a physical sense. Certainly it’s one of the more robust offerings from Blue Poles, and perhaps none the worse for that either. Plum, chocolate, aniseed, redcurrant, violets, baking spices and menthol – a fair riot of richness and perfume here. Medium to full bodied, lovely sweet uptake of mainly small red berry and plum fruit, tobacco and chocolaty oak, and these delightfully firm open knit gravelly tannins laying down the bass. Acidity is spot on, and drives a path through the succulent fruit. Finish is savoury, redcurrant laced, long and dusted with chalky tannin. Right proper wine.95 points.






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