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2010 Allouran (Merlot / Cabernet Franc)                  $28/bt




The 2010 “Allouran” is a deep crimson red with a lifted nose of deep red fruits with chocolate and an exotic hint of a cedar oak that forms a tobacco frame.  The palate is full and balanced with great fruit flavours and the stamp of Blue Poles fine tannins, giving in to a long delicious length.  A wine that has the potential to age at least 6-15 years, but you can be assured of the wine drinking well now.


 If drunk with food (which is certainly recommended as there are few greater pleasures), we recommend all our Allouran wines with rich beef and game dishes, as well as duck confit which marries the weight of the wine with the texture of the meat.


 Sealed under screwcap to ensure the wine made by us arrives to you as we intended it to.




Mike Bennie,   


It actually popped out of a blind line-up for its succulence and general drinkability.  Merlot at 70% and Cabernet Franc at 30%, the pop of light garrigue and dried Italian herbs of Cabernet Franc a nice dose in the darker merlot fruit character, or so it seems.  Long across the palate, slender but chewy tannins coupled to a dustiness of texture.  Just-so medium bodied, a dash of fruit sweetness, bright acidity and those tannis rolling along. It's a great release and I suspect will cellar a spell too.” 94 points.



Jeremy Pringle,   


"Australia's best Merlot Cabernet Franc has never looked better.  It's 70%/30% for those interested in the numbers.  It you aren't already all over this wine then you should be.


More elegant and vibrant than previous releases; although it's never been a clumsy, plodding wine.  It smells and tastes of brown grass and plums with a subtle seam of red cherry woven through the palate.  Hints of olive and leaf.  Restrained spice.  The whole package is framed by some of the best chocolate cedar oak you'll find yet it never overwhelms the fruit. Depth and clarity with tightly knit tannin on an extensive and ever so slightly nutty finish.  I'm tasting it in my boxers and a singlet and I still feel sophisticated.” 95 points.



Philip White, DRINKSTER   


"Merlot (70%) and Cabernet franc (30%) add up to just about my favourite idea of a red wine of elegance and tease. Like more tease than poke. The absence of the jerky Cabernet sauvignon is essential. Instead we have the creamy mossiness and white fungus soil aromas that I expect of proper Merlot, with the acute electric blue smells of the Cabernet franc. It prickles my nostrils, then smoothes them with the most beautifully-perfumed cosmetic cream. Its texture is creamy, too, until that gently cheeky velvet tannin rises up to dry everything off and leave you screaming for real veal, as in the best saltimbocca. It is a delicious, rare, slender drink.  But is not mellow. Stack some away. This very generous price can't possibly hold. If you insist on buying 2010s, the Allouran is AU$4,300 cheaper than Petrus.94+++ points.




Technical Details

2010 was a year that was nearly perfect – good start to the season with a wet and miserable September giving way to a perfect warm October that gave the vineyard a huge spurt of growth. November dodged the flowering bullet with dry and not too windy weather with a moderate heat load, ensuring a good set of fruit. December was steady and dry, and January was warm, with the only set back being one day of extreme weather that caused a 25% loss of the Cabernet Franc tonnage. As we moved through February and March the weather was warm and consistent and the fruit coming off in late March and early April excellent condition.


The fruit was as always severely thinned prior to harvest, usually just prior to veraison (the changing of colour in the grapes). All fruit were hand-picked and tonnage was lower on both varieties, with quite a large reduction in our Cabernet Franc vintage due to the heat damage in January. The technical data on these grapes are as below:


Merlot:                         Picked 23 March 2010

                                    Total weight 7,009 kg

                                    Baume 13.4

                                    pH 3.36

                                    TA 6.90


Cabernet Franc:           Picked 9 April 2010

                                    Total weight 1,894 kg

                                    Baume 11.9

                                    pH 5.30

                                    TA 5.68


The wine was fermented in a closed vat and continuously “pumped over” to extract colour and tannins softly, with ferment being completed after 11 days each. The wine was pressed and placed in French oak barrels and stored for 20 months. The final blend of grapes for this wine was 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Franc – a classic St Emilion wine style of the Bordeaux region of France.




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